A Wake Up Group in the Heart of Brussels


Flower{This is an extract from an email sent to a friend last week…..!}


I want to tell you about my practice.
“With Gaelle and a couple of friends, we had a first morning of practice 10h30am to 2h00pm a few days ago (very simple guided meditation – breathing in and out, aware of the all body and calming the body, total relaxation with a Sr. Chan Khong CD, sharing, eating). Everyone of us wants to make it again. We’re motivated to go sometimes to the countryside (with the idea of going camping), and to slowly change our way of living.”

“My dining/living room has been naturally transformed into a small meditation hall (5 cushions…). I throw away my table and lot of things that stayed associated to my past and a polluting way of living.”

“I also continue my daily practice, I wake up at 6h30 or 7h00 (which is a good revolution for a lazy man like me) that lets me lot of time before going to work. Morning is so quiet. I go to my work with bicycle by a very nice path (even when it’s raining – I realized I liked the rain more than I thought and in Belgium, it’s better to like it J). At every bridge, I try to go back to myself and I smile (thanks to Sr. True Dedication).”

“I cut my mobile phone during the day.”

“But the most important changes are inside of me. I feel positive and smile more to people. I feel more open and don’t judge people anymore. I also have the feeling that in more situations, I can be ‘myself’ without having to put masks.”

“But staying in contact with all of you is a real happiness. All the mails I receive make me feel so good and even if in the future some of this mails contain pain, I know you’re expressing it with your heart and I’m happy to keep sincere relations by mail (another good revolution).”

“Sr. True Dedication talked about spending quality time together with friends. And these mails I receive are really qualitative moments I spend with you.”

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