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Taking Refuge in the Sangha

By Monastic Sister Trang Uu Bat Having recently had the good fortune to tour Australia helping to support retreats with our Sangha, I appreciated how easy...

Mindful Community Living in Athens

With a calming breath and closed eyes, my mind travels back to Athens, Greece, and my first reaction is to smile. A smile born...

The Light That Returns

Some time ago, I watched a silly superhero movie that had some surprising wisdom. Darkness, the truest darkness, is not the absence of light. It...

How to Respond Appropriately to Situations in Our Lives

A Dharma talk by Kaira Jewel at ABC Home, New York City, in September 2016 Dear Thay, dear friends, dear Sangha, On the way to...

Wake Up House in Berlin

How did you come up with the idea of a Wake Up House in Berlin? I (Anna) was inspired by the Wake Up House in...

My Father and I

By Brother Pham Hanh I still remember vividly my community as a young boy. We had to go up the stairs and into a big...

Joyfully Together: Building Community at Mariposa

The aspiration for this retreat is to hold space for a weekend of concentrated mindfulness practice and to facilitate discussion about developing the Mariposa Institute into a base of practice for the local and extended community. We want to come together to practice sitting, walking, and eating in mindfulness, to play and laugh together, and to explore community building through interactive and contemplative exercises.

Love and Dream for the Community

By Monastic Brother Phap Man As a monk, the most important thing I’ve learned about relationships is to not be afraid to be wounded by...

My One Year Residency at Blue Cliff Monastery

How one year at Blue Cliff Monastery opened Thien Kim's heart ten-fold I could not possibly put one-year of experience living at Blue Cliff Monastery...

Learning to Let Go in Community Life

By Barry Wright For many years an aspiration has been growing among young people to live in or build a lay community in the Plum...

Discovering Yourself

By Gijs Van den Broeck Reflections on a Long Term Retreat in Plum Village   Everything Flows Heraclitus Knowing yourself is Enlightenment Lao Tzu When I was still a student, not...

The Seedling Project

by Members of the European Wake Up Sangha Thay believed that Buddhism had much to contribute to real social change. He said he would find...

5-Year Monastic Programme Description

Step Into Freedom and Taste True Happiness 5 YEAR MONASTIC TRAINING AND SERVICE PROGRAM Description: When we train as a monastic we have the opportunity to find...

Thay’s Announcement of the 5-Year Monastic Training

Young people have been coming to Plum Village for many years to find depth and direction in their lives. The practice is very important...

Wake Up Austin

Here are two very cool little films about how Wake Up is manifesting in Austin Texas. Beautiful. May Wake Up houses bloom all around...