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Suffering and Healing

In Celebration of Black History and Black Futures

This interview originally appeared on parallax.org Kaira Jewel Lingo is a Dharma teacher who lived as a nun for...

Racial Justice – What Can White People Do?

Sister Tam Muoi (aka Sr. Samadhi) recounts her personal journey with the practice of White Awareness.

Tahanan Is Home

Reflections from a Social Worker in the Philippines For what is my heart yearning?...

Crossing the Mexican-US Border

By Jane from Wake Up San Francisco Walking through busy downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp...

Pilgrim’s Diary in India: Bodhgaya

By Tuong-Vi "There are four places, the sight of which will arouse strong emotions in those with faith. Here the Tathagatha was born. Here the...

Being Myself in a Challenging Learning Environment

By Jadzia Tedeschi Saturday, October 21, 2017 Today, we had an extraordinary half-day of classes. You know, to supplement our learning. 8:00 History: “Good morning! Let’s begin...

Working Meditation

By Brandon Rennels The first time I stepped into a monastery was the fall of 2011 at Deer Park in California. I arrived on a...

Becoming a Better Health-Care Provider

By Marilyn Tran I remember being a fourth-year intern as a naturopathic medical student and seeing my own patients for the first time. No doubt,...

Mindfully Angry!? ~ On Our Longing for Authenticity

By Leni It took me a while before I understood the importance of anger. That being angry is not a sin. That you are not...

Listening Deeply in Today’s Political Climate

By Jonathan Borella Dear friend, We've met in person before. A couple times actually. In those moments, I appreciated your large and gentle presence. I felt...

How Kids Can Be Happy in Education

By Gijs van den Broeck My Story This essay is the result of my own experience as a teacher. For little over a year, I taught...

Courageous Authenticity: The Ground of Dharma Sharing

At our Wake Up Oregon retreat this past March, on the last full day together, we had the most extraordinary Dharma sharing circle that...

Love in Action With the Police

Dharma talk by Marisela Gomez at the ABC Home in September 2016 Dear friends, dear Thay, I felt very nourished during our walking meditation together....

From Crisis to Transformation

In the spring of 2015, I received a sign of magic. I came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings and while listening to one of...

How to Respond Appropriately to Situations in Our Lives

A Dharma talk by Kaira Jewel at ABC Home, New York City, in September 2016 Dear Thay, dear friends, dear Sangha, On the way to...