Racial Justice – What Can White People Do?

Sister Tam Muoi (aka Sr. Samadhi) recounts her personal journey with the practice of White Awareness.

A Quest for Truth

Monastic Sister Hien Nhan is now twenty-six years old and lives with the sisters in Lower Hamlet. She grew up living across...

A message from Sister Chan Khong

Dear Friend, I hope this message finds you healthy and peaceful in these times filled with challenges and turmoil....

Ordination Gift to My Sister

On September 9th, 2018, my sister was ordained at Deer Park Monastery along with nine other new...
Monastic Sister Giac Hoa

Practicing With My Family

Q: Your blood family is in France and lives close by. Do you find ways to share...

The Bodhisattva Ready to Laugh, Ready to Cry

By Sister True Dedication (Sister Hien Nghiem) There is also the Bodhisattva who is...

My Monastic Aspiration as a Child

By Br. Chon Tang I'm from Alberta, Canada, and I’m 19 years old. My...

Be Our Own Soulmate

Written by Brother Pháp Nguyện (Br. Aspiration) Translated by: Chúc Mai This year, An Bang retreat was held...

Creating Space for Myself

Q: We are halfway through the business retreat you are helping to organize. How easy is it...

Practicing in a Monastic Community

Sister Giác Hòa (Awakened Harmony) from New Hamlet, Plum Village, shares about committing to the Five-Year Monastic Program and...

Engaging with Environmentalism

Q: How did you know that the monastic path is for you?

750 Kilometres of Nothing to Do and Nowhere to Go

By Brother Dao Hanh Our journey started many months before we made our first...

At the Foot of the Mountain

By Brother Dao Bi At the foot of the mountain, there is a stream. Take the water from the stream and wash yourself, and you will be cured. I...

Life as Monastic Aspirants in Plum Village

Click here to read Part I of this interview Interview Part 2: New Hamlet, 11th November 2018 Q: How was your experience as a monastic aspirant? Thien...

Monastic Practice at Plum Village

October 25, 2018 Q: How was your life before you came to PV? Sister Phu Nghiem: I have a sister and an aunt who have been...