Listen more often

0 things than to beings - more fun with a portable digital recorder - maybe we should do this more often... Click here to download the...

Taking the Practice to the UK

An interview with Sister Mai Nghiem after the Young Peoples' Retreat in the UK Download the interview

Ubi Caritas

By Br. Phap Linh here's another song from last week's jam session - just for fun...

Return Again

A week in the UK with Thay Phap Nhan, Sr. Mai Nghiem, Sr. Ton Nhgiem and Phap Linh. We shared the practice with more...

Journey to Nowhere

By Br. Phap Linh Here's a little bit of an impromptu jam session we had the other day. No rehearsal, no planning, only joy.

It’s perfect…

Dear Teachers, Dear Friends (who want to wake up :) ) I want to wake up too! I’ve been little shy to enter back into...

Chestnut Hunting

On October 7th 2008, the Wake Up team went chestnut hunting.

Treatise on the Golden Lion “Skits and Dance”

A play performed by the monastics from the Treatise on the Golden Lion Sutra, taught by Thich Nhat Hanh during the Winter Retreat 2007-2008.

The Birth of Wake Up

How the Wake Up Movement (Young Buddhists and Non-Buddhists for a Healthy and Compassionate Society) came about.

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