Total Relaxation by Sr. Chau Nghiem


sister_jewelDear Wake Up family,

Here is a gift for you. It is a total relaxation that I led recently at a retreat we held at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism, called Embracing the Child Within.

I hope you can set aside 45 minutes sometime to lie down and listen to it and allow your whole body to completely relax. Just let go of everything!

Smiling, Sr. Chau Nghiem

Download the file

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  1. dear Sister Jewel,
    i hope to see you again on the dutch retreat in the EIAB 19 till 24.8.. tomorrow i am going to a spiritual festival called Lndjuweel, giving meditation meetings , with reading from Mindfulness by Thay. i’m looking forward to spread the energy of mindfulness on a festival. although i’m not a Wake Up’per (too old) , i guess i stayed young at heart. if you ever want to come visit amsterda, you and another sister are allways welcome to stay at our appartement. with a tulip for you a Buddha to be, Michèle “true arising equanimity”

  2. Didn’t sleep well last night. I sit in meditation for 10 minutes every day when I wake up. But today I was too tired to sit. And I decided to invite this guided relaxation. With sister’s audio, I felt amazingly healed and refreshed. I have been going to AIAB for 2 years. This was probably one of the best guided meditation I have heard.

    There is a YouTube equivalent to this audio, with Thay’s calligraphy “be still and heal” in the video background. Thanks to sister Chau Nghiem, I have now experienced this sentence myself.

    In gratitude 🙂


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