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Dance Flashmob in Tijuana, Mexico

Enjoy a video of several Wake Up ambassadors from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. doing a dance flashmob in the streets during the Wake Up...

Flash Mob Meditation in Hong Kong

Young People Promote Slow Living in Bustling Central District in Hong Kong In the Central Pier where people come and go, around a hundred people...

Free Blind Hugs!

At the end of April, Jente and I stood on the Central Station of Rotterdam with open arms and a blind fold on. On the...

Mindfulness and Meditation Flashmob for Peace in Uruguay

My name is Paula Brandino. I facilitate and coordinate Wake Up Montevideo in Uruguay since a year and a half ago. I started this group...

What on Earth is a Meditation Flashmob?

An Interview with Elina Pen from Wake Up London What is a meditation flashmob? A meditation flashmob is a gathering of people that sit in meditation...

Tokyo Flash Mob Meditation

By Kanako Nishida Tokyo Flash Mob Meditation on 11 May 2014. It was a sunny day and around 40 participants came to sit on the bridge...

Flash Mob Meditation in the Heart of New York City – September 2013

by Jenny Hamp The outdoor sitting meditation was set up for 6:30 pm that Friday in Union Square, and we didn't know how many people...

Sit in Peace

It has been nearly one year since the "Sit in Peace" in the heart of London, where 4,000 people gathered to meditate with Thay...

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