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5-Year Monastic Program

A Quest for Truth

Monastic Sister Hien Nhan is now twenty-six years old and lives with the sisters in Lower Hamlet. She grew up living across many different...

How to Ordain as a Monastic in the Plum Village Tradition

Question from a lay friend: I've been drawn to a monastic life for several years, and I’ve quit my job. How can I become...

Having a Relationship with Yourself

In this Part 2 of a 2-part monthly series, Karim from Wake Up London interviews Brother Dao Kien from Upper Hamlet, Plum Village, about...

How I Discovered Wake Up and Chose the Monastic Path

In this Part I of a 2-part monthly series, Karim Manji from Wake Up London interviews Brother Dao Kien from Upper Hamlet, Plum Village,...

Life as a Novice Monk in Plum Village

Last month, Brother Dao Tue shared about his path to become a monastic. In this part, he shares about life in the monastic residence and how it...

Discovering Plum Village and Becoming a Monk

Interviewed in June 2016 in Plum Village EP: Ethan Pollock (interviewer) DT: Brother Dao Tue (monastic) EP: It’s a beautiful summer day. Brother Dao Tue and I...

5-Year Monastic Programme Description

Step Into Freedom and Taste True Happiness 5 YEAR MONASTIC TRAINING AND SERVICE PROGRAM Description: When we train as a monastic we have the opportunity to find...

Thay’s Announcement of the 5-Year Monastic Training

Young people have been coming to Plum Village for many years to find depth and direction in their lives. The practice is very important...

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