Wake Up Members Ordained as Dharma Teachers

We have some exciting news: Wake Uppers Joe Reilly and Brian "BK" Kimmel were ordained as Dharma Teachers of the Order of Interbeing. The...

Crumbling the Walls of Separation

by Melanie Gin In Israel and Palestine, where I lived from December 2018 to March 2020, a vast concrete wall separates Jerusalem from the West...

In Celebration of Black History and Black Futures

This interview originally appeared on parallax.org Kaira Jewel Lingo is a Dharma teacher who lived as a nun for fifteen years in the international Plum...

Ordination Gift to My Sister

On September 9th, 2018, my sister was ordained at Deer Park Monastery along with nine other new monastics. It was an unusual experience to...
Extinction Rebellion in New York

Mindfulness and Extinction Rebellion

In less than 15 minutes, we were surrounded by over 70 NYPD uniforms. A young, short, and gentle yet stoic faced male officer told...

Crossing the Mexican-US Border

By Jane from Wake Up San Francisco Walking through busy downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter carrying a backpacker’s pack, wearing toe shoes, and toting a...

Lessons Learned from Living with Monastics

By Leo Widrich Have you ever felt like you needed a big reset of your life? Toward the middle of 2017, I found myself in...

Building a Unified Community

Connecting Wake Up and All-Ages Sanghas By Bryan Hindert A fellow Wake Upper shared an insight during a recent retreat closing circle. He was surprised to...

Mindful Eating, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, today Deep looking, this corn connects Painful histories Slow mindful eating Corn plants descended, growing from Kindness, exploited Giving thanks today On stolen land, borrowed time, Our inheritance. Tell the whole story So...

Being Myself in a Challenging Learning Environment

By Jadzia Tedeschi Saturday, October 21, 2017 Today, we had an extraordinary half-day of classes. You know, to supplement our learning. 8:00 History: “Good morning! Let’s begin...

Working Meditation

By Brandon Rennels The first time I stepped into a monastery was the fall of 2011 at Deer Park in California. I arrived on a...

Walking Home

Walking gently My feet are cold But I keep my ancestors warm In the living room of my heart Come sit around the fireplace We will make room. Sorrow, please...

Mindful Meal

By Logan Scott Mitchell It’s the day before Father’s Day as I write this story about a mindful meal. Tomorrow will be my third Father’s...

Home Is Closer Than You Think

Enjoy listening to Home Is Closer Than You Think, sung by Brian Kimmel from Wake Up Seattle, Washington, USA. https://youtu.be/Wycq8qmQVuA

The Momentum of Loving Inward

By Jonathan Borella One question commonly asked at meditation retreats is how to keep up the momentum of practice after going home and returning to...

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