Thay’s Announcement of the 5-Year Monastic Training


Young people have been coming to Plum Village for many years to find depth and direction in their lives. The practice is very important to them and Plum Village has be come like their second home. For some young people, the aspiration to become a monk or nun was watered — and they made the step to join the community for their whole life — a big commitment.

Recently (this summer at the Nottingham, UK retreat), Thay announced that the young people in the Wake Up movement will have the opportunity to serve and train as monks and nuns for a period of five years. During these five years they will live and practice exactly as the monks and nuns do. After five years, they may continue as a monastic if they want, or they can pursue becoming a lay Dharma teacher. Thay has compared this training to an intensive study program that will offer benefits for our whole life.

Curently, the monks and nuns are working to elaborate the details of the program, but there will be strong support — Plum Village may become more and more a refuge for young people — a sort of youth retreat during the whole year.

Those who are interested in joining the first wave of the program may like to attend the winter retreat in Plum Village starting at the end of November. Please see the PV website for more info.

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