Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a picnic…


Sometimes we get too busy, stressed and overwhelmed by the grey air, aggressive advertising and the oppressive thud of urban life.

Our days are full of phone calls, emails and things-we-have-to-do, but empty of freshness and real contact with the people and beautiful world around us. Our friends are there, but so too is the confusion of cellphones, TV, computers, magazines, and the background drone of someone else’s music. Our day is full yet empty.IMG_1224_thumb

Then you know it’s time to go for a picnic!

This summer at Plum Village Practice Center, lots of us young people pledged to go for a picnic with our friends  –  to take space and time just to hang out and enjoy each other’s presence and the quiet beauty of nature.

Have you had your picnic yet? Or decided where you’ll be going?

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