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Mindfulness (1/6): Intro, Mindfulness of Breathing

Mindfulness is the practice of living each moment with awareness, kindness, curiosity, and acceptance. A mindfulness practice can help you center your mind, relax your body, generate peace and joy, soothe painful emotions, develop emotional intelligence, and cultivate inner freedom.

Walk With Me for Peace

Walk With Me will be making special announcements this week to celebrate the LA Premiere a few days ahead of its nationwide release into...

Be Mindful: Save a Piece of Green in Your Mind

On a weekend where the sky is full of haze, freshness is still all around in Lotus Pond Temple, Lantau Island. A group of...

Love in Action With the Police

Dharma talk by Marisela Gomez at the ABC Home in September 2016 Dear friends, dear Thay, I felt very nourished during our walking meditation together....

“Mindfulness: Be Happy Now!” Documentary

Interview with Larry Kasanoff, Producer and Filmmaker About the Documentary-Making Process with Thich Nhat Hanh https://vimeo.com/139513958 How did you get into mindfulness? I read one of...

Wake Up Boise: Day of Mindfulness Movement and Music

Nourish your heart, mind and body with a full day of Mindfulness practices, activities and dharma talks designed to support personal transformation, ecological inter-being...

From Crisis to Transformation

In the spring of 2015, I received a sign of magic. I came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings and while listening to one of...

How to Respond Appropriately to Situations in Our Lives

A Dharma talk by Kaira Jewel at ABC Home, New York City, in September 2016 Dear Thay, dear friends, dear Sangha, On the way to...

Mindfulness Workshop: Happiness is Here and Now

The monks and nuns leading the workshop come from all over the US and Asia. The 2-hour long event will take place from 6pm-8pm in Parkes Hall 122 at Northwestern on March 15, and will consist of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and a short talk or discussion. It is open to anyone of any (or no) faith background!

Doing Inner Work and Taking Care of the Missing Hole in...

Jan from Wake Up Nijmegen and Susanne from Wake Up Oslo share about their experiences and insights from attending the Empathy and Compassion Conference...

Mindful Reflections from Wake Up Bangkok

Opening Up to Love by Namsai Thai Plum Village didn’t give me happiness, peace, nor did it give me new life, new identity, nor any...

Seeds of Joy in Southwestern U.S.

During the Wake Up Southwest tour in Colorado, Texas, and Utah, I felt a deep sense of connection with the Maha Sangha by being...

Healing at the Wake Up Earth Retreat

I traveled to Plum Village as I wanted to spend the week having some time for reflection and to allow for some self-understanding and...

How Mindfulness Transformed My Family

By Khanh Doan Mindfulness practice, the beautiful teaching of the Buddha, profoundly interpreted by our beloved Thay, is a miracle that helps transform many lives....

A Mindful Society Conference in Toronto

An interview with Elli from Wake Up Toronto and Erica from Wake Up New York about facilitating Wake Up breakout sessions at A Mindful...