Walk With Me for Peace


Walk With Me will be making special announcements this week to celebrate the LA Premiere a few days ahead of its nationwide release into theaters across the US from 12th September.

To mark the start of the walking meditation we are organizing a “Thunderclap” campaign to deliver an exclusive film clip to hundreds of people at the start of the walk from across the world. The clip shows a walking meditation led by Thich Nhat Hanh filmed exclusively for Walk With Me in 2014.

To help us get the clip to as many people as possible, please join our campaign today. It’s simple!

Help us to bring a moment of peace by getting this beautiful immersive and meditative clip to the global community.

If you live in Los Angeles, the walk will start in Fenton Fields, La Cienega Park, at 6pm and arrive at the LA Premiere at Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre at 7.15pm.

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