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Monastics Visit Wake Up New York

Recollections and Reflections – March 4, 2016 by Rachel Rampil, Sangha member and occasional facilitator, Wake Up New York Dear Community, On the first Friday of March, Wake...

Wake Up in London & Hong Kong

Gareth Siu shares about practicing with two different active Sanghas in different continents: Wake Up London and Wake Up Hong Kong. I was originally practicing...

Why I Became a Monastic

In a 3-part monthly series, Monastic Sinh Nghiem from New Hamlet, Plum Village, will share about her inspiration to become a monastic, insights she...

Mindfulness and Meditation Flashmob for Peace in Uruguay

My name is Paula Brandino. I facilitate and coordinate Wake Up Montevideo in Uruguay since a year and a half ago. I started this group...

Present with Myself, Present with My Patients

By Anthuan Vuong To maintain my sanity in an intense and at times chaotic and insane environment, I have been motivated by the staff and...

Mindfulness when a Relative is Dying

By Phil Bluckert My Dad received a terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer on the 19th November 2015. He deteriorated rapidly and passed away on the...

An Adventure of Hope

A Wake Up Tour in Latin America By Sister Hai Nghiem (Sister Harmony) Dear Thay, dear friends! I am very happy to have the opportunity to share...

Wake Up Edinburgh

This month as Sangha of the month, we travel to Scotland! Enjoy getting to know Wake Up Edinburgh, their diverse Sangha, and their practice :D

Dear Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Thich Nhat Hanh, First and foremost, thank you for everything. And Nothing, for that matter. We will probably never meet, but I will be...

Living Love: Q&A with Thich Nhat Hanh

Plum Village, July 26, 2009 If you look around, you’ll see four pine trees that were planted by Thay twenty-eight years ago. At that time...

Mindfulness with Wake Up Cork

This past summer, Michael O'Mahony interviewed Jean O'Hanlon, one of the facilitators from Wake Up Cork, about the Wake Up movement and mindfulness in Ireland...

Wake Up Bellingham

For this month's Sangha of the Month, we get to know Wake Up Bellingham from Washington, US, that formed at the beginning of this...

Five Years of Wake Up London

By Joe Holtaway Wake Up London is now five years old :) In the Quaker meeting house surrounded by friends and heaps of nice food on...

Being Here Now for 13 Years!

I started the Be Here Now Sangha, rooted in the mindfulness tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, in September of 2002, when I was 23...

The Middle Way Sangha

Addressing “Aging Out” of the Wake Up New York Sangha Dear Sangha, I am writing to share happy news from New York. The young adult...