Webinar Recording: Wake Up to Your True Home


On Saturday, April 30, the second webinar for the Wake Up Community was a great experience of inter-connecting around the world. Wake Up London joined us as a community on the big screen, as did groups in Germany, Holland, the US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, all watching together as a Sangha. This time we had a chance to see each other and wave across space and time.

We are eager to adapt our mindfulness practice to the medium of the screen and internet, to interact and nourish our joy (rather than meditate in front of a screen). So our guided meditation took the form of a visualisation, first of ourselves on this part of the planet, and then the presence of each other around the globe, to the North, the South, the East and the West. Brother Phap Dung shared a very simple, cool, and powerful message to Sit Down, Clear Out, Tune In, and Open Up, that we can all immediately apply to give us stability, clarity and guidance in our daily lives.

There were also some very rich questions and answers, and at the end of the session we were invited to have Dharma-sharing or to go for a walk in nature.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we hope to see you all again for our next webinar later this month 😀

P.S.: Due to technical difficulties, the recording starts a few minutes after Brother Phap Dung began speaking.

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