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Wake Up Earth Holder Winter Festival

  Dear friends, We would like to invite you to a special session of our WU EH Sangha next month: we will have a "Winter Festival"...

Wake Up Brisbane

On a rainy October evening last year, the latest rendition of the Wake Up Brisbane Sangha sounded its first bell. Wake Up Brisbane had...

Choosing Another Path

By Zoé Moulin I am living in Plum Village as a long-term lay friend for almost two years. My idea with Choosing Another Path was...

How to Practice After Leaving Plum Village

Written by a Plum Village monastic Part I I wanted to connect with Sanghas outside Plum Village, see what’s going on, and try to get a sense of...

Taking Refuge in the Sangha

By Monastic Sister Trang Uu Bat Having recently had the good fortune to tour Australia helping to support retreats with our Sangha, I appreciated how easy...

Wake Up Melbourne

By Jade Fersterer Discovering Wake Up What a happy moment this is, to reflect on the creation and building of Wake Up Melbourne. I remember the...

The Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings

Last month, we published Verena's aspirations to follow the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings in her daily life and to ordain into the Order of Interbeing. Below is her...

Viet Wake Up Toronto

As Sangha of the Month this year, we get to know Viet Wake Up Toronto, how they have fun outside the Sangha, and their favorite...

How to Respond Appropriately to Situations in Our Lives

A Dharma talk by Kaira Jewel at ABC Home, New York City, in September 2016 Dear Thay, dear friends, dear Sangha, On the way to...

The Value of Visiting Other Communities

Interview with Nhu-Mai Nguyen How did the Wake Up USA Southwest Tour manifest? It was led mainly by Brian Kimmel who is residing in Boulder, Colorado....

Wake Up Berlin

As Sangha of the Month for this month, friends from Wake Up Berlin share about how they got started, how they practice together, and their joys...

Wake Up Omaha Retreat: Cultivating Sangha Mind

Public Talk and Day of Mindfulness in Omaha, Nebraska, and a Workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska. This January, the Honey Locust Sangha is offering mindfulness events led by Dharma Teacher Terry Cortes Vega and Wake Up friends. These events will be an opportunity to rest and restore yourself through the art of mindful living.

Cherry Blossom Sangha

To start off 2017, we get to know Cherry Blossom Sangha from Seattle, Washington, in the United States. Find out what Wake Up means...

Moving Between Sanghas

Interview with Barry Getting involved with Wake Up Netherlands I had been practicing with the all-ages Sangha in The Hague for a number of years before...

Wake Up Little Saigon

This month as Sangha of the Month, Wake Up Little Saigon from Orange County, California, USA share about all the activities they do together...