Choosing Another Path


By Zoé Moulin

I am living in Plum Village as a long-term lay friend for almost two years. My idea with Choosing Another Path was to inspire other young people by sharing my experience and the experience of other long-term lay friends. It is not so common, as a young person, to come and live in a Buddhist Monastery for 1 or 2 years!

Yet I see that more and more young people around the world are looking for meaning in their lives, for a spiritual path, and for a way of life that enables them to take care of themselves, of others and of Mother Earth.

I hope that this documentary can inspire some to follow their heart and dare to change their lives! 

It was a great joy to produce with documentary with Simon Lucas, who is almost a professional movie maker, and was so enthusiastic about my idea. I really enjoyed doing the interviews of my beautiful friends and walking around the different hamlets with my camera to take images to put in the video.

A lot of people came to ask what I was doing, including monastics, who were not aware of our project. My biggest challenge was definitely to do the subtitles in English… It took me forever! But I am so happy that thanks to that, our international friends can also watch the documentary 🙂 

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