Mindfulness Retreat in Chandolin, Switzerland


Mindfulness and Compassion as a basis for inner transformation and social innovation: Gross National Happiness in Bhutan


Based on the Mindfulness Practice of Plum Village and on the New Development Paradigm of Gross National Happiness in Bhutan, we will deepen our understanding and practice Mindfulness and Compassion as a path towards inner transformation and social change.

  • Mindfulness and Compassion towards ourselves as a foundation of all transformation.
  • Mindfulness and Compassion towards others as a foundation of an equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development
  • Mindfulness and Compassion towards Nature, Mother Earth and all beings as a foundation of an ecologically responsible way of life.

We will deepen our understanding of the Four Immeasurable Minds as an ethical and practical foundation of a New Development Paradigm:

  • Maitri: Loving Kindness and good governance
  • Karuna: Compassion and ecological diversity and resilience
  • Mudita: Joy and cultural creativity and resilience
  • Upeksha: Inclusiveness and equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development

We aim not only at sharing teachings, but to have a living experience of a harmonious community lifestyle aligned with the principles we will study.

The retreat will be bilingual, French and English, and will take place from 28 June to 5 July 2014. We will also practice inter-generational dialogue.

The Place and the Practice

Chandolin is a small village in the Swiss Alps at 2000m (6500ft) with an amazing view on some of the most spectacular Alpine summits.

This wonderful and peaceful natural environment is most appropriate for silence, meditation, Mindfulness and Compassion.

The “Grand Hotel de Chandolin” is a beautiful old building that we have completely to ourselves and that can host all participants.

We will eat locally grown, organic, vegetarian food prepared with mindfulness of human and ecological health.

We offer a balanced program that includes teachings, Mindfulness and Compassion meditation practices, dialogues in smaller groups, Tai Chi, Yoga, and mountain hikes.

Experienced teachers and facilitators will guide the retreat and all activities.

The Facilitators

Lisi Ha Vinh: Ordained Dharmacharya (Dharma Teacher) in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, Director of Eurasia Foundation a Humanitarian NGO in Vietnam.

Dr. Ha Vinh Tho: Ordained Dharmacharya (Dharma Teacher) in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, practicing meditation since 1970, PhD in education, Program Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan.

Dr. Saamdu Chetri: Executive Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan. Buddhist monk in the Nyingmapa School of Vajrayana Buddhism

Ani Dorje Drölma: Buddhist nun in the Kagyupa School of Vajrayana Buddhism since15 years, she has completed 2 Three years retreats under the guidance of Mahamudra Master Gendün Rimpoche.

Isabel Salamin: Yoga instructor since 1998, art therapist working in hospitals and private practice.

Raphaël Salamin: Mountain guide born and raised in the Val d’Anniviers, therapist working in the filed of substance abuse and addiction.

Sabrina Alberti: Professor at the local University of Applied Science, psychologist and physiotherapist working since over 20 years in the field of holistic therapy and Mindfulness.

Interested in coming? Click here to download the registration form.

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