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Mindfulness Retreat in Chandolin, Switzerland

Mindfulness and Compassion as a basis for inner transformation and social innovation: Gross National Happiness in Bhutan   Based on the Mindfulness Practice of Plum Village...

Bhutan & India Wake Up Tour Report

Wake Up family! A reflection on the October 2012 Wake Up Tour in Bhutan & India Stop, breathe, smile.     That’s what we learn in Plum Village...

Wake Up Summer Retreat // The Economics of Happiness

Dear Friends, we cordially invite you to: Please help us spread the word. Download the original flyer here. You can find a transcript of the Talk...

Thay on Gross National Happiness & Mindfulness in Education

"Last year, in the month of July, 68 nations joined Bhutan in cosponsoring the United Nations General Assembly resolution on happiness, which was adopted...

Gross National Happiness

Talk and Q & A with Dr. Ha Vinh Tho (Dharma Teacher in the Plum Village Tradition, Program Coordinator at the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan) //...