Dear Friends

Enjoy a song sung by Joe Holtaway and friends from Wake Up London for the upcoming Peace Sounds 2 album. If you are a musician,...

Wake Up in London & Hong Kong

Gareth Siu shares about practicing with two different active Sanghas in different continents: Wake Up London and Wake Up Hong Kong. I was originally practicing...

Connecting with Young, Spiritual People

by Esteban Ruseler I have a good friend and Dharma bro who went to Plum Village and told me, “Wow it was amazing. You’ll love...

Mindfulness when a Relative is Dying

By Phil Bluckert My Dad received a terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer on the 19th November 2015. He deteriorated rapidly and passed away on the...

Wake Up Edinburgh

This month as Sangha of the month, we travel to Scotland! Enjoy getting to know Wake Up Edinburgh, their diverse Sangha, and their practice :D

Mindfulness with Wake Up Cork

This past summer, Michael O'Mahony interviewed Jean O'Hanlon, one of the facilitators from Wake Up Cork, about the Wake Up movement and mindfulness in Ireland...

The 2014 Family Retreat

Last year at New Barn Family Retreat I enjoyed playing with my friends. I met a lot of new people and found out the...

Five Years of Wake Up London

By Joe Holtaway Wake Up London is now five years old :) In the Quaker meeting house surrounded by friends and heaps of nice food on...

The Music We Are

“It was quite incredible how much love there was in 6 days” Last year’s “The Music We Are” Wake Up retreat at the EIAB started...

Deeper Connection with Myself

Phil, who joined the Plum Village Happy Farm last year, reflects on the 2013-2014 Winter Retreat in Plum Village. Letting Go of Expectations Relieve Suffering In the...

My Loved Day

A Sharing from the Wake Up UK and Ireland Retreat in Plum Village On April 17-24, 2015, around 60 members of Wake Up Sanghas in the...

Peace Sounds 2 Music

Dear Wake Uppers, In 2012 Wake Up London had an idea… could we put together a music album of songs performed by the Wake Up...

Congratulations Wake Up London!

Congratulations to Wake Up London for having won The Spiritual Community Initiative Award 2015 at the Kindred Spirit Awards Ceremony during the MindBodySpirit...

Wake Up Cambridge

This month, we travel to an university town in England and get to know a warm, caring Sangha called Wake Up Cambridge. Happy reading! :D

We Go Sailing on the Sea

On 13 September 2014, Wake Up London celebrated its fourth birthday of hosting their weekly Afternoon of Mindfulness sessions. Afterwards, there was a special...

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