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Retreat: Love, Ideal and Challenges of Young People @ Thai Plum...

The program in Thai Plum Village lasts for 7 days, from 19 to 26 July 2019, where you will have the opportunity to interact and learn with all the monastery activities taking place throughout the week. The monastery will have special sessions dedicated to young people with topics about "Youth, Love and Ideal" and "Difficulties of modern youth."

Wake Up Retreat – Love like a Buddha @ Thai Plum...

The monastic community of Plum Village Thailand is very happy to welcome our young friends (age 18 to 35) from all around Asia and...

Wake Up Thailand Retreat: Together We Are One

How long has it been since we last logged in to real life or connected with a loved one without the use of an...

Wake Up Thailand Retreat: Anywhere Is Home

Thai Plum Village opens the house to welcome young friends in Wake Up Retreat to cultivate the energy of mindfulness, peace, and joy together with brothers, sisters and Wake Up volunteers. With our mindful breath and steps, we can come back to our true home within ourselves making our smile, real and our life, true!

Mindful Reflections from Wake Up Bangkok

Opening Up to Love by Namsai Thai Plum Village didn’t give me happiness, peace, nor did it give me new life, new identity, nor any...

Thay’s Eyes

I would like to share with you about my moment with Thay during the 21-Day Retreat in Plum Village, France, and my reflection about...

Wake Up: be free where you are

Would you like to enjoy the moments with peaceful steps, lovely smiles, stillness of sitting meditation in the early morning, hands tightly hold as well as joyful hearts of those who are sharing their happiness and aspirations in lives with each other? We all are connected in the world. The peace here will also mean the peace there. Let's come sharing these beautiful moments together in this 5 days International Wake Up Retreat “Be free where you are”. We welcome all the young people from 18 to 35 ages to discover the peace and love within and all around.

The Ordination of the Redwood Family

The Ordination of the Redwood Family Great news has arrived! The Sangha garden has added 19 new members – 19 green trees of the Redwood...

Wake Up Indonesia

As Sangha of the Month this month, we get to know Wake Up Indonesia and how they get involved with the monastics in forming a...

Wake Up Bangkok

  This month, we travel to Asia and learn more about Wake Up Bangkok as our Sangha of the Month. Find out how they spend...

Wake Up Asia: Tears of Joy

By TS Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng Men normally don’t cry. But I did cry before the end of the Wake Up Asia 2014 retreat. And I...

Day of Mindfulness with Wake Up Bangkok

By Pusanisa K. It was a cherished moment to meet with Wake Up friends in July. We enjoyed sitting meditation together, singing Plum Village songs....

10 Days @ Thai Plum Village

By Will Chua Going as a River What brings a Vietnamese engineer, a Singaporean social worker and a Malaysian public servant, 20 years apart in age,...

Waking Up! April 2014 In Review

Here are some Wake Up events and retreats around the world that took place this month. EUROPE Wake Up Paris organised a Meditation Flash Mob in front...