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Wake Up Interreligious Retreat @ EIAB

At first glance, the beliefs of different religions seem to be very different. It may give the impression that complete opposites collide. Religious and cultural peculiarities may obscure what we all share and what we can learn from each other. In this retreat, we want to get to know representatives and believers from different religious communities. We want to meet with openness, joy and acceptance, learn from each other and practice together. All interested people are welcome to become ambassadors of interreligious and intercultural dialogue. 

Wake Up Your Artist Retreat @ EIAB

WUYA welcomes everyone and invites you to explore your creativity this spring! For a week, you are invited to participate in workshops that serve your creativity: writing, painting, singing and movement. We will explore the relationship between what is in us and how we share it with the outer world playfully. Come and join us in this adventure!

The Body as Practice Retreat @ EIAB

Our body is the foundation of our life and our practice. Yet, we have the tendency to ignore our body’s needs; we judge them as mere sensitivities. We forget how to perceive and interpret our body’s signals. Experiences of insults, trauma and abuse are stored in our body’s consciousness and could, if consistently ignored, lead to imbalances and physical complaints. How do I recognise that I am not doing well? What do I need to be healthy and be in balance? In this retreat, we will practice to pay close attention to our body using a well-balanced mix of relaxation and activity, gentle movement and mindfulness. We will lead body and mind back into unity again.

Wake Up Your Artist Retreat @ EIAB

WUYA welcomes all to come and explore their creativity this spring! You are invited to take part in workshops dedicated to creativity, like writing, painting, song and movement. We will playfully explore the relationship between what’s inside of us and how we share it with the world outside. Come along and join us for this adventure!

Pieces of Emptiness

Dear respected brothers and sisters, dear Wake Up community, My name is Alberto Galassi. I am from Italy, but I have been living in Germany...

Wake Up Retreat: Mindful Loving-Kindness for Oneself and Others

Our self-talk is often coined by harsh words, judgment, and criticism towards all the alleged mistakes and weaknesses in us. We deny ourselves understanding, kindness, encouragement and love, and do not accept the complexity of life. The relationship to ourselves also sets the tone of our relationship to others. During this retreat, we are going to explore how it feels to treat ourselves and others with loving kindness, to heal wounds and transform unwholesome habit energies in gentle ways, and to be able to treat us and others with more kindness and peace.

From Crisis to Transformation

In the spring of 2015, I received a sign of magic. I came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings and while listening to one of...

Wake Up Retreat: Deep Insight, Deep Ecology

During this retreat, we will come together to enjoy the conditions for happiness which are available in the present moment and learn how to take care of our inner and outer environment. Through mindful breathing, walking, eating, smiling, playing, and cultivating brotherhood and sisterhood, we will discover ways to establish an intimate conversation with Mother Earth and apply the insight of Interbeing into our own daily lives.

Returning Home With a Big Smile!

With a big smile on my face, I returned home after the Wake Up Netherlands Summer Retreat at the Maanhoeve farm. Rain was pouring...

Wake Up Your Artist

by Joe Holtaway About a year ago, I was headed to the European Institute of Applied Buddhism (EIAB) for my first time to help out...

Wake Up Your Artist: A Creative Retreat for Young People

European Institute Of Applied Buddhism, Waldbröl, Germany Reduction for students / low income people WUYA welcomes all to come and explore their creativity this autumn! For a...

Wake Up Movement in Israel

For many years, I was practicing Yoga and a year ago, I heard about Thich Nhat Hanh from one of my Yoga teachers. The...

The Music We Are

“It was quite incredible how much love there was in 6 days” Last year’s “The Music We Are” Wake Up retreat at the EIAB started...

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Practice Wake Up Retreat

A retreat for young people (age 18 – 35ish)  "To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You...

A Letter to Thay

Our sharing about the Wake Up Music Retreat in April in a letter to Thay: Plum Village, 7.6.2014 Dear Thay, Yesterday at the Dharma talk you said...