Experience @ the YMCA Retreat, CO


phap-nang-burgerDear Friends,
I would like to share my personal experiences of the retreat at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. The retreat was a big success. Everyone was very happy and nourished with the practice.

The energy of the practice was very strong. Everyone was present for all the activities, morning walking, sitting, breakfast, and so on. I was co-facilitating a Dharma sharing group with Sister Hoc Nghiem (she lives in Blue Cliff Monastery). Our group was a regional group from Montana. It was a very nice group, the first day of Dharma sharing everyone shared about his or her sadness because of Thay’s absence…

They shared that they can really see the monastics is Thay’s continuation. The theme of the retreat was “One Buddha is Not Enough”, one person shared that Thay has a good sense of humor for choosing this theme. However this theme was chosen a long time ago and everyone in the retreat was a Buddha to be, practicing on this beautiful path.

The most important thing I learned from this retreat, is taking refuge in the Sangha, and “flow as river”. I really enjoyed the senior Dharma teachers talks, its very nourishing to get to listen to our elders brothers and sisters share. Everyone in this retreat monastic and lay alike really step up in our practice, we practice wholeheartedly with each breath, step, and smile. Everyone has something to offer in this retreat, and that is our whole being and the togetherness. At the last Dharma sharing everyone shared that this was one of the best retreat yet, they really got a lot out of it.

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