Sitting With Thay

By Brandon Rennels - True Garden of Faith The poem below was written about a lunch experience at Plum Village during the winter retreat of 2012/2013 - Bell Line forms, patiently waiting Shuffling...

Wake Up EIAB June 2011

Having fun at our recent retreat at the EIAB in Germany :)

Plum Village Summer opening 2010 – Young Adults

During the summer opening 2010 in Plum Village the young adults in Upper Hamlet between 18 and 32 joined the Watering seeds of aspiration...

Wake Up Plum Village 2013 retreat: An impression

Dear friends, In August there was a magnificent Wake Up retreat in Plum Village on the theme of "True Love". Soon we will post interviews from...

Plum Village Summer opening 2010 – Teens

During the summer opening, between 50 and 60 teen boys and girls had their own retreat with the support of monastics and lay brothers...

Brothers: A reflection on three months in Plum Village

Many people venture to Plum Village each and every year, the reasons are many and each brings with them their own unique story. Many...

My One Year Residency at Blue Cliff Monastery

How one year at Blue Cliff Monastery opened Thien Kim's heart ten-fold I could not possibly put one-year of experience living at Blue Cliff Monastery...

Dances with Monks

By Logan Mitchell I recently spent a four-day retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery. I have practiced the Plum Village tradition of Buddhism for two years...

Waking Up in Upper Hamlet

A video made by young long-term retreatants living in Upper Hamlet ENJOY !

Treatise on the Golden Lion “Skits and Dance”

A play performed by the monastics from the Treatise on the Golden Lion Sutra, taught by Thich Nhat Hanh during the Winter Retreat 2007-2008.

Joyful Moment, Open Heart

From the 18th to 25th April 2014, Upper Hamlet hosted the Wake Up Ireland retreat for the first time. About 35 Irish young men and...

The Benefits of a Sangha

During the Wake Up Ireland retreat in Plum Village on 18-25 April 2014, we got the chance to interview another Wake Up friend, Mick...

I Have Seen Your Continuation, Thay!

Dear Thay, I’m writing this letter for you from Central Vietnam. I just returned to my hometown several days ago after six weeks of enjoying,...

Froglessness Retreat at the EIAB

On 16, 17 and 18 October, we had a Wake Up weekend at the EIAB. The weekend had the theme "Cultivating Froglessness." In our daily...