Thay talks to David Suzuki in Vancouver

A collective awakening for the environment. A 4-minute conversation with David Suzuki and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Thay in an interview with Oprah Winfrey

Thich Nhat Hanh's 4 Mantras Tea Meditation

Sangha-Building with Brother Phap Ho

Dear Thay, dear Sangha, dear Siblings, My name is Phap Ho, Protector of the Dharma or Brother Protection. I come from Stockholm, Sweden and I...

On Becoming a Monk

An interview with the newest member of the Blue Cliff community Brother Chan Troi Linh Quang (True Sky of Spritual Light) ordained on December 8,...

Taking the Practice to the UK

An interview with Sister Mai Nghiem after the Young Peoples' Retreat in the UK Download the interview

Young People are Hungry for an Alternative

Interview with Sister Peace If you have ever been to Plum Village, you will surely have noticed Sister Peace's welcoming and gentle presence. Her warm...

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Will Change the World

Everyone who has been to Plum Village or came to one of the Wake Up tours must have noticed the tall and shining presence...

The Monastics on French Television: Part I

On 24 May 2015, Brother Phap Luu and Sister Hai Nghiem were interviewed on French national television. They shared about the birth of the...

The Monastics on French Television: Part II

On 31st May 2015, Louis Nagot from Wake Up Paris and Sister Su Nghiem were interviewed on French national television. They shared about the Five Mindfulness Trainings, the Beginning...

Webinar Recording: Earth Holder Sangha

On Sunday, May 15 2016, Brother Phap Dung from Plum Village discussed with Brother Phap Ho, the abbott of Deer Park Monastery, and Heather about the...

Education is Not for Information, but to Teach Human Beings

A few days before the Wake Up Schools retreat took place at the University of Barcelona from the 9th to the 11th of May,...

Healing the Ancestral Heart

Interview with Sister Mai Nghiem 15th October 2018 at the Library in Lower Hamlet, Plum Village Q: You are a relatively young sister in physical age...

Deciding to Become a Monastic in Plum Village

Interview Part 1: New Hamlet, 11th November 2018 Q: What was your decision-making process to ordain as a monastic? Thien Chi: I came to Plum Village...

Life as Monastic Aspirants in Plum Village

Click here to read Part I of this interview Interview Part 2: New Hamlet, 11th November 2018 Q: How was your experience as a monastic aspirant? Thien...

Monastic Practice at Plum Village

October 25, 2018 Q: How was your life before you came to PV? Sister Phu Nghiem: I have a sister and an aunt who have been...

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