Webinar Recording: Earth Holder Sangha


On Sunday, May 15 2016, Brother Phap Dung from Plum Village discussed with Brother Phap Ho, the abbott of Deer Park Monastery, and Heather about the Earth Holder Sangha and simple, awakened living.

Enjoy watching the recording 😀

[00:00] Sharing about the Earth Holder Sangha with Brother Phap Dung, Brother Phap Ho and Heather

[17:00] A clip of Thich Nhat Hanh’s speech to the United Nations in the 1970’s

[18:00] Brother Phap Dung shares about how you can live a simple, awakened living in the midst of your busy life

[28:00] Brother Phap Ho shares about the Break Fossil Fuel climate change movement in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 14 2017

[36:00] Q&A with the monastics

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