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Connecting with Young, Spiritual People

by Esteban Ruseler I have a good friend and Dharma bro who went to Plum Village and told me, “Wow it was amazing. You’ll love...

Wake Up on German radio WDR5

On August 26th 2012, Wake Up was featured in a German radio program on WDR 5 You can listen to it here (5 minutes): Wkup German...

Let’s Plant Wake Up Trees!

In Reverence to the Buddha Nature within all Beings We, the Wake-Uppers from all ten directions (Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland) gathered...

Happiness is Here and Now

By Thomas from Wake Up Berlin Enjoy a slideshow with photos of Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village, accompanied by the song Happiness is Here and...

Pieces of Emptiness

Dear respected brothers and sisters, dear Wake Up community, My name is Alberto Galassi. I am from Italy, but I have been living in Germany...

Wake Up Graz

This month, we get to know Wake Up Graz from Austria, how they practice mindfulness together, and what makes them special! Happy reading :)

Blooming Flower

By Alberto Galassi The flower blooms in your consciousness, But this doesn’t mean it is not blooming at all. No barriers between you and me, No blood to...

The Five Awarenesses

Inspired by their practice with the Third Mindfulness Training, Barry and Aurelia from Wake Up Freiburg, Germany, share their aspiration on true love, openness...

A New Way of Living Relationships

By David Lion I am currently in love with a woman. Basically from the moment we met, I've been aware of a deep connection I find...

The miracle of healing

Some time ago I felt a sudden inspiration to write a letter to my grandfather. He is 91 years old and lives in New...

Sailing to the Other Shore

Memories of a Winter Retreat I chose the shape of a mandala with three circles to give you a structure of my story. The frame...

A Spiritual Practice We Unwittingly do

My spiritual path is this human life. My practice is waking up with a heavy heart and still getting up. Letting myself be washed over by...

Wake Up Hamburg

As Sangha of the month for this month, we get to know our German friends from Wake Up Hamburg, how they got started, and their...

What Does It Truly Mean to Serve?

During the five weeks I spent volunteering in Athens in October and November last year, the question “What does it truly mean to serve?”...

Wake Up Interview with Anna Posch, a 21 year-old student from Austria

Question: Why do you practice the Plum Village tradition and not other traditions, since there are so many options? Answer: I practice Tian Gong Qi...