A gift for Thay


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As we approach Thich Nhat Hanh’s (Thay) 94th birthday, we would like to invite all our friends to offer a gift for Thay.

As his monastic disciples, every year around this time we would ask Thay or ask his attendants what Thay needs or would like to have for his birthday. Thay, having lived a monastic vow of simplicity all his life would almost always reply that the best gift you can offer him is not anything material, but to hear how practising the Dharma has helped you to transform your suffering into peace, joy and happiness, or how you have reconciled with your family, touched your friends and those around you with your practice of mindfulness, loving kindness and compassion.

So this year we would like to invite all his students to offer Thay the gift that would make him most happy – your stories of how Thay has touched your life. How have you applied what Thay has taught to overcome your difficulties or to make a difference in your community or society?

Click here to learn how you can offer your gift to Thay.

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