The Joy of Growing Pain – Opening Up


Hello Dear Thay, Dear Sangha and Dear Brothers and Sisters Waking Up!

I just want to share with you my joy of being alive! Joy, Peace, Love, Gratitude and the Energy to Serve is penetrating my body and mind. Old pain and tension has an opportunity to dissolve.

Right now I am practicing with the Sangha at Blue Cliff Monastery, NY. Yesterday the local Sangha members offered a meal to the monastics here at Blue Cliff, an almsround was part of our Day of Mindfulness here. To be able to offer and receive, to be in contact with one another as human beings, with bright eyes and open hearts – what a great gift!

What wonderful things and transformation can take place when we come together in mindfulness and harmony. The last couple of months I have been fortunate to practice with many young adults. Wake Up Retreat at Deer Park in May, Young Adult family groups during the World We Are Retreat at Deer Park in July and during the Happiness is the Way Retreat at Blue Cliff last week. My mind of love and aspiration to practice has been nourished a lot by my brothers and sisters openness and wholeheartedness in these retreats. Meaning and purpose fills my days! Your presence and sharing, so real and alive, thank you!

Check out the 10 minute video: With Mindfulness We Smile :

(more mindful videos:

from the World We Become Retreat, many beautiful sharings by young adults in the Agave family group.

Moment by moment may we way up to the wonder of life!

Your brother on the path, Brother Protection

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