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Tahanan Is Home

Reflections from a Social Worker in the Philippines For what is my heart yearning? In the winter of 2017, I remember holding a pen in one...

Wake Up Montréal at Maple Village

From August 4–10 2017, Wake Up Montréal organised its second retreat. It lasted 6 days, and 75 people participated. Four monastics (Sr. Boi Nghiem,...

Joyfully Together in Canada

By Alexis-Michel Schmitt-Cadet From 15th to 21th August 2016, Wake Up Montréal hosted the first French-speaking Wake Up retreat at Maple Village, Québec. It was...

To Meditate in Prison

I was marked by several documentaries in my life. Among them dealt with meditation in prison: "Doing Time, Doing Vipassana" and "The Dhamma Brothers."...

A Mindful Society Conference in Toronto

An interview with Elli from Wake Up Toronto and Erica from Wake Up New York about facilitating Wake Up breakout sessions at A Mindful...

Wake Up Montréal

As Sangha of the Month this month, we travel to eastern Canada and get to know Wake Up Montréal from Québec. Discover how they got started,...

Wake Up Toronto

This month as Sangha of the Month, Wake Up Toronto from Canada shares about their beginning, Sangha sessions, and how they have fun :D