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Getting in Touch with Thay

Brother Chan Troi Dai Dong (Great Togetherness), a Vietnamese student, studied in Paris, France. In the summer of 2013, the brother came to Plum...

Wake Up Pereira

Our Sangha of the month for this month is Wake Up Pereira from Colombia! Thanks to the monastics' visit to Latin America at the...

Meditating For the Benefit of Another

The bell rings. With legs in lotus posture, twenty young people are sitting on meditation cushions in a circle. A Buddha statue, half the size of...

Wake Up Toronto

This month as Sangha of the Month, Wake Up Toronto from Canada shares about their beginning, Sangha sessions, and how they have fun :D

AIAB Wake Up Retreat: Enjoying the Spring Breeze

4-Day Mindfulness Retreat for Hong Kong Young People with Plum Village Monastics at AIAB

For Mindfulness and For Fun

  Interview with a Wake Up Intern and International Sangha Builder Hong-An is one of the Wake Up interns in Plum Village. When she was touring...

Wake Up Cambridge

This month, we travel to an university town in England and get to know a warm, caring Sangha called Wake Up Cambridge. Happy reading! :D

Feeling Joy in Plum Village

During the week of the Ordination Ceremony that took place in the last week of May 2014, Marianna, a practitioner from Wake Up Rome,...

Wake Up Ireland: Touching Peace Retreat

Join us for the fourth Wake Up Retreat for Young Adults in Ireland by Registering HERE! Leave the city behind, get a breath of fresh...

Vivir Despiertos 2014: A Mindfulness Tour in Latin America

Enjoy following the tour of seven monastic brothers and sisters introducing Plum Village practices for the first time to thousands of people in...

Wake Up Sydney

For this month's Sangha of the month, we travel across the ocean and get to know one of the Wake Up Sanghas in Australia,...

Day of Mindfulness at the USC

Plum Village monks and nuns hosted a Day of Mindfulness in Vietnamese at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on the 5th...

“Now I Can Feel the Joy of Simplicity” – Reflections on...

The members of last month's Sangha of the Month, Wake Up Singapore, share about their practice and how their Sangha changes their life... Rofan: My extended family is...

Wake Up UK: Touching Freedom Retreat

Wake Up UK’s Annual Mindfulness Retreat for Young Adults “For me, there is no happiness without freedom and freedom is not given to us by anyone;...

Wake Up and Rejoice Together

By Le A Day of Mindfulness with Wake Up Singapore Sitting quietly in the bamboo forest, the Sangha’s presence was embraced by the gentle breeze and...