Mother Earth



by Brother Phap Man

Mother EarthMother Earth
Earth Mother.

We have never been apart for all of these ages,
and never apart for all these ages to come.
The willow tree, the clear pool reflecting blue sky,
the water flowing as blood in my veins.
This breath — nothing more.
Carrying me.
This journey across the stars.

I can put down my fear, my anger, and my pain —
this moment.

Each step you support,
Each step you carry.
Now as always you are carrying us.
This one cosmic body.

My brothers and sisters: cricket, bird, and squirrel,
all wonderful life —
Rejoice, fly, sing!
We are of the same nature —
made of the same earth.
And we fly, we sing with your voice.
The illusion of our separation dissolves this moment —
the spell is broken.

O brothers, o sisters,
let us wake up again and again
to walk the path out beyond fear.
There is enough.
There is always enough.

With our courage we can look with calm
eyes into the heart of our fear —
and from our mercy —
trust will be born.

Board room meetings, governments,
profit margins, payoffs, collateral damage,
stockpiles, net worth, success, failure…
All these wonderful illusions are
seen as ripples in pond.

Standing firm on the ground of reality.
Earth. Freedom. Space.

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