Froglessness Retreat at the EIAB


On 16, 17 and 18 October, we had a Wake Up weekend at the EIAB. The weekend had the theme “Cultivating Froglessness.”

In our daily lives our frog often jumps from one place to another, pushing us into the future.

Why does our frog have such a strong tendency to jump out? How can we live, study and work in such a way that keeps our frog on the centre of the present plate?

With the nourishing atmosphere of sisterhood and brotherhood we will explore ways to smile to, embrace and look deeply into our frog, and shore the practise of froglessness through mindful breathing, sitting, walking, eating….

Words alone can not explain this experience, so I will present to you some photos and audio.


The Orientation has the following topics: Walking meditation, eating meditation, sitting meditation (and posture), listening to the bell and noble silence.

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Total Relaxation
Given by Sr Jewel, it is a nice one! Download it and put it on your iPod.

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Dharma Talk

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Watering our good seeds
We sang these songs with lots of joy. Enjoy!


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We are moving, on a journey to nowhere

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