Wake Up Plum Village 2013 retreat: An impression


Dear friends,

In August there was a magnificent Wake Up retreat in Plum Village on the theme of “True Love”.

Soon we will post interviews from Wake Up Ambassadors who attended the retreat…they share beautifully on what inspired them to practice, how they find time for Sangha Building, and joys & challenges they’ve come across in the process.

In the meantime you can listen to some of the songs they created together as well as a slideshow from the retreat: 

From Brother Pham Hanh: If you have forgotten any of the music we sang together you can find our recordings here. The River Mountain Fountain song seems to have stuck and I’m teaching a couple of the Vietnamese sisters to sing it. Also, you may remember the tiny kittens that were around at the end of the retreat? One of them is now a permanent resident of Lower Hamlet, Sister Tri Ngheim has adopted him and there is now a brand new song called “Sister Tri Nghiem has a Kitten” composed, in a very serious manner, by Sister Hai An and myself.

Download foot of the mountain

Download true love right here with sparrows

Download dear friends

Download oh fill my heart

Download love like a mountain

Download Reviens en toi

Download Puisse lamour

Download lean on us

Download island of the self

Download if its not love

Download Om Namo Amitabaya 2

Download Je suis chez Moi

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