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Healing at the Wake Up Earth Retreat

I traveled to Plum Village as I wanted to spend the week having some time for reflection and to allow for some self-understanding and...

How I Discovered Wake Up and Chose the Monastic Path

In this Part I of a 2-part monthly series, Karim Manji from Wake Up London interviews Brother Dao Kien from Upper Hamlet, Plum Village,...

Life as a Novice Monk in Plum Village

Last month, Brother Dao Tue shared about his path to become a monastic. In this part, he shares about life in the monastic residence and how it...

Wake Up Earth International Retreat

From 5th to 12th August, Plum Village will be hosting another wonderful International Wake Up Retreat. How can we balance our deep wish to engage in actions to help the world with our own personal spiritual journey in the contexts of the current climate crisis and wars? How can we find meaning and purpose in our life? How can we find an alternative, healthier, sane, and compassionate lifestyle?

Discovering Plum Village and Becoming a Monk

Interviewed in June 2016 in Plum Village EP: Ethan Pollock (interviewer) DT: Brother Dao Tue (monastic) EP: It’s a beautiful summer day. Brother Dao Tue and I...

Sailing to the Other Shore

Memories of a Winter Retreat I chose the shape of a mandala with three circles to give you a structure of my story. The frame...

Love Between Us – Thich Nhat Hanh’s Sharing

Maison de l'Inspir interviewed Monastic Brother Phap Linh after he received the lamp transmission as a Dharma Teacher during the Great Ordination Ceremony last month...

The Ordination of the Redwood Family

The Ordination of the Redwood Family Great news has arrived! The Sangha garden has added 19 new members – 19 green trees of the Redwood...

Getting in Touch with Thay

Brother Chan Troi Dai Dong (Great Togetherness), a Vietnamese student, studied in Paris, France. In the summer of 2013, the brother came to Plum...

Deeper Connection with Myself

Phil, who joined the Plum Village Happy Farm last year, reflects on the 2013-2014 Winter Retreat in Plum Village. Letting Go of Expectations Relieve Suffering In the...

A Wonderful Morning

By Brother Ngo Khong This morning was a wonderful morning. My roommates and I woke up at 5am for the morning meditation. I boiled some...

Interview With 15-Year-Old Lay Friend From Plum Village

My name is Colia and I am 15 years old. I come from Angers in the northwest of France. When was the first time you...

New Year’s Eve in Plum Village

How does it feel to spend a morning in Upper Hamlet, Plum Village with the monastic and lay community on the last day of...

Feeling Joy in Plum Village

During the week of the Ordination Ceremony that took place in the last week of May 2014, Marianna, a practitioner from Wake Up Rome,...

Member of the Order of the Interbeing

An Interview with Stuart Watson What inspired you to become a member of the Order of Interbeing? After I'd been here two years, I was looking...