Plum Village Summer opening 2010 – Young Adults


summer_2010_young_adultsDuring the summer opening 2010 in Plum Village the young adults in Upper Hamlet between 18 and 32 joined the Watering seeds of aspiration family. Some stayed for the whole 4 weeks, others joined only for 1,2 or 3 weeks.

The young people together formed a nice energy, that soon felt very safe. We enjoyed deep sharings, games, total relaxation with japanese flute or harmonica, different kind of workshops, like a deep ecology workshop, Q&A with the young monastics and of course joined the sangha on the normal schedule.

The young men played football against the monastics, although previous year they young adults were defeated by 7-0, with new energy we tried. In the end we played 4 games on a big field on the lazy days, 2 we won, 2 we lost. It was very good to play a football game with less fouls then goals, almost no anger and good brotherhood. A big clash of a brother and a monk, which ended with both having to need stitches, did not spoil that. The young lay friend later said, that he got some new insights from that experience…

Football by Robert S. Harrison

Although most of the young women stayed in Lower-Hamlet and New-Hamlet, there were several occasions to spent time together. We had a nice stay at the lake, where the men and women swam apart, but this gave a nice energy of safety. After that we had some games to get in touch with our loving kindness and compassion.

Song for the rose festival 2nd week

Q&A by Thay: What is the most important thing in life?

In the 4th week the young adults organized the Peace Festival for Upper Hamlet. Altough at first it seemed a to big task, we joined our creative energy and soon had a program. In the end we had a very wonderful peace festival, with monastics chanting and with a dance created and performed by us. It was so beautiful, I saw a monk with tears in his eyes.

The teens and children performed some songs. We ended with the beautiful new century letter from Thay. While chanting avolikiteshvara we handed out candles and in walking meditation joined as a sangha around the bonfire place. A monk lit the fire and we could through in our papers with regrets and whishes, while a group sang a nice song. The energy was very strong.

Peace Festival by Robert S. Harrison

Summer 2010 by Hans-Pieter

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