Happiness is Here and Now – Poem


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By Jonathan Borella

Happiness is here and now.
Do you hear the sound?
Can you feel the walls tearin’ down?
You might as well wear a smile.
No need to fear the extra mile.
‘Cause there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do,
Nothing to know, nothing to loose.
You know its true; there’s no excuse.
When I let my worries drop,
When I let the hurry stop,
I emerge from a blurry fog
And then, I hear the word of god.
You got something to do?
Do it with ease.
You got somewhere to go?
Go there with freedom.
Your heart is a drum,
Let the rhythm be your guide.
When you wear it on your sleeve,
There’s nowhere it can hide;
It’s right before your eyes.
From the day that you’re born
Until the day that you die,
It whispers in your ear,
“Happiness is here,”
“Happiness is here,”
“Happiness is here.”

Jonathan Borella is currently residing at Deer Park Monastery and has has been a Tiep Hien aspirant for 3 years. His home Sangha is the Cedar Sangha in Eugene, Oregon where he also facilitates Wake Up Eugene. Jonathan recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Family and Human Services and hopes to earn a Master’s of Social Work.

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