Wake Up Europe Tour – 18th April – 4th June 2023


In Spring 2023, Plum Village’s brothers and sisters will be on the road for six weeks to visit Wake Up Sanghas in seven countries in Europe.

Since Plum Village re-opened to the public in March 2022, some facilitators and Sangha builders of Wake Up Sanghas in Europe have shared with the monastics that some Sanghas were not able to revive since the pandemic. It is their hope and intention that with this visit, they will be able to help some Sanghas revive, come together, and Wake Up together as a human family!

The Wake Up Tour starts in Belgium on April 18. They will hold the first visits to local Sanghas in Brussels and Ghent. They then will hold a Day of Mindfulness for young people in the Netherlands.

Sister Tin Yeu and Brother Dao Bi with Wake Up Netherlands in 2021 (Amsterdam)

The monastics then cross the water to hold a weekend retreat in southern Sweden, and share the practice with students at Lund University, as well as a meditation flashmob and a weekend retreat in Stockholm.

They will then drive on for a weekend retreat in Oslo, Norway.

Across the North Sea, the monastics will offer a Day of Mindfulness in Copenhagen, Denmark and share the practice at a school and university. They then join our young friends in Czech Republic for a Day of Mindfulness in Prague and a university, and conclude the tour in Austria for a Day of Mindfulness in Vienna.

For more information and how to register, please watch out for news as we will keep updating this post.

Belgium: Brussels –  19th of April (from 18.15) more info and registration
Netherlands: https://wkup.nl/event/wake-up-monastics-tour-mindfulness-day/
Sweden: Lund and Malmö
Sweden: Stockholm
Norway: email oslo.wake.up@gmail.com
Denmark: https://plumvillagedenmark.dk
Czech Republic: https://www.facebook.com/events/6135707663118831
Austria: https://forms.gle/2J87v3fTvg75nevB9

From left (bottom): Sr Giac Minh, Br Phap Ly, Sr Tinh Mac, Sr Thuong Tru, Br Dao Bi
From left (up): Br Duc Niem, Br Duc Dinh, Br Pham Hanh, Sr Hien Duc, Sr Ho Sen

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    • Dear friend, we are trying to keep this page updated, but all events are organised by volunteers locally. So please also contact your local sangha for more information on dates and events 🙂 You can find their email addresses here: https://wkup.org/sanghas/

    • Dear friend, Italy is not currently part of the tour, but please check with your local sangha about other events or get in touch with us info[at]wkup.org and we can try to help you with more information 🙂


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