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Burnout to Dharma Bum

Insights from a year living in Plum Village By Doran from Wake Up Brighton

Lessons Learned from Living with Monastics

Floating meditation practice: Me in the middle and a few friends, as well as Brother Harmony (Phap Man) to my right

Woulda Shoulda Coulda

A lot of suffering By Brother Pham Hanh As I was sitting in front of my tent and the sun was slowly rising, I looked at...

Healing the Past, Transforming the Future

Written by Br. Chan Troi Duc An Dear respected Thay, dear sisters & brothers, dear friends,  My name is Chan Troi Duc An. I am a...

Courageous Authenticity: The Ground of Dharma Sharing

At our Wake Up Oregon retreat this past March, on the last full day together, we had the most extraordinary Dharma sharing circle that...

Detachment, Non-Caring and When Thay Passes Away

What’s the Difference Between Detachment and Non-Caring? Brother Ngo Khong: I’ve been confronted by detachment and non-caring in my life. Often I’ve been told I...

Gatha for Healing Racial, Systemic and Social Inequity in Response to...

Statement from ARISE* in Response to the U.S. Election, 2016 Aware of the suffering caused by racial, systemic, and social inequities, we commit ourselves, individually...


By Jonathan Borella As students of the Dharma, we practice to grow our compassion. The Metta Sutta exhorts us to “let our boundless love pervade...

How Mindfulness Transformed My Family

By Khanh Doan Mindfulness practice, the beautiful teaching of the Buddha, profoundly interpreted by our beloved Thay, is a miracle that helps transform many lives....

A Little Angel

By Virginie This morning, with a little sorrow, I take out my cards, mix them, and draw a little angel (it's my little joy) stroking a little cat: TENDERNESS The afternoon, inside,...

Sailing to the Other Shore

Memories of a Winter Retreat I chose the shape of a mandala with three circles to give you a structure of my story. The frame...

Journey to Discovering True Love

By Monastic Brother Phap Man My journey has a lot to do with love. When I was 10 years old, my parents were divorced. It...

Insights I Gained From Traveling In Cambodia

by Monastic Sister Sinh Nghiem Before I ordained, I loved to travel, as many young people like to do nowadays after they finish high school...

Monastics Visit Wake Up New York

Recollections and Reflections – March 4, 2016 by Rachel Rampil, Sangha member and occasional facilitator, Wake Up New York Dear Community, On the first Friday of March, Wake...

One Year at Blue Cliff Monastery

By Nhu-Mai Nguyen The following is a letter that I submitted to the monastic sisters as part of my self Shining Light, which is a...