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Dear Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Thich Nhat Hanh, First and foremost, thank you for everything. And Nothing, for that matter. We will probably never meet, but I will be...

The Way of Aspiration

by Jonathan Borella  In one hand, I hold life’s suffering.  The other holds its joy.  Joined together a lotus blossoms from the heart  And the way of aspiration...

Teen Rap UK 2010 retreat

This rap came from some "deep looking" from our teen group: "OK, today we are going to save the world - yes we can! What...

A Letter To My Teacher – Br. Phap Linh

A LETTER TO MY TEACHER - A RESPONSE TO THE BAT NHA KOAN   Dear Respected Teacher, This is a moment of happiness. I am sitting with a...

Questions and Answers with Thay

Hey folks, here's two short segments from a Question and Answer session with Thay (questions by young people!) at Blue Cliff Monastery... Enjoy!   Part 1...

Bat Nha’s Great Vow

Bat Nha's Great Vow In Lam Dong province, daily incense smoke curdles In forests and on Buddha’s faces, on altars of monasteries, A drizzle begins at 6...