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Learning to Love Myself in Plum Village

Click here to read Mick’s reflection on serving the Happy Farm and Plum Village for several years.

Wake Up Hong Kong Retreat: Are You Still In Love?

Welcome to the Zen Camp, under the leadership of the monks, we will go back to the springs of love by observing the line, feeling, the relationship between ourselves and others. Let us relax, nourish the physical and mental, and cultivate depth of comfort and kindness, so that we can share the beauty of the inner beauty with the loved ones.

Romantic Love

Question from a friend: I've always heard Buddhist people talking about love and the love of giving. But is this the same as romantic love? And...

A New Way of Living Relationships

By David Lion I am currently in love with a woman. Basically from the moment we met, I've been aware of a deep connection I find...

The Third Mindfulness Training and Sex

By Logan Last month, I had the chance to attend a retreat at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism (EIAB) in Germany. It happened to...

How to Be Mindful Around Beautiful Women and Friends Who Don’t...

Brother Bo De: I’m still working with how to maintain your freedom, especially around many beautiful women. I see that men can have this difficulty....

Romance in the Sangha

By Monastic Sister Hien Nghiem (Sister True Dedication) The deep friendship of brotherhood and sisterhood in the Sangha is one of the greatest gifts of...

Mindful Reflections from Wake Up Bangkok

Opening Up to Love by Namsai Thai Plum Village didn’t give me happiness, peace, nor did it give me new life, new identity, nor any...

Love and Dream for the Community

By Monastic Brother Phap Man As a monk, the most important thing I’ve learned about relationships is to not be afraid to be wounded by...

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Message to the Next Generation

Q: Based on your life experience, what is the core message you would like to share with the next generation? Thay's Answer: My generation has...

Insights I Gained From Traveling In Cambodia

by Monastic Sister Sinh Nghiem Before I ordained, I loved to travel, as many young people like to do nowadays after they finish high school...

Love Between Us – Thich Nhat Hanh’s Sharing

Maison de l'Inspir interviewed Monastic Brother Phap Linh after he received the lamp transmission as a Dharma Teacher during the Great Ordination Ceremony last month...

I’m Not Afraid

By Gijs Van den Broeck I’m not afraid of terror attacks. What frightens me most is terror in the hearts of people. Because hatred only...

Lessons I Learned from Buddhist Nuns about Dating and Relationships

By Jessica Semaan I spent two weeks at Plum Village, a Buddhist monastery in France. I came to recover from burn out, and what I...

Living Love: Q&A with Thich Nhat Hanh

Plum Village, July 26, 2009 If you look around, you’ll see four pine trees that were planted by Thay twenty-eight years ago. At that time...