Wake Up Cambridge

This month, we travel to an university town in England and get to know a warm, caring Sangha called Wake Up Cambridge. Happy reading! :D

Summer Retreat & Volleyball 2008

A game of volleyball with the young adults and monastics during the Summer Retreat 2008 and some more pictures from the retreat.

Silence in your heart

By Leni Cellini A retreat with ‘music’ as its theme: I didn’t want to miss it for the world. It combined my two great passions:...

Wake Up Berlin

As Sangha of the Month for this month, friends from Wake Up Berlin share about how they got started, how they practice together, and their joys...

What is Actually This Thing Called Meditation?

By Maarten Hunink And what does it have to do with tomato soup? That’s what I was wondering after staying in Plum Village for two weeks, and with...

Choosing Another Path

By Zoé Moulin I am living in Plum Village as a long-term lay friend for almost two years. My idea with Choosing Another Path was...