Why Is Wake Up Only for Young People?

Dear friend,

The Wake Up movement was launched in 2008 by Thich Nhat Hanh as a way to encourage young people to take the initiative and create new ways to practice together and nurture collective awakening. 

Members of Wake Up Sanghas follow the Five Mindfulness Trainings—ethical guidelines that offer concrete practices of true love and compassion, and a path towards a life in harmony with each other and the Earth. These guidelines represent their ideal of service.

The recommended age range for Wake Up Sanghas and retreats (18-35) is intended to create an atmosphere in which young people can be creative, playful, and innovative in finding ways to keep Plum Village mindfulness practices relevant and appropriate to their generation. The intention is for young people to meet with others like themselves in similar life situations in a safe space, to build friendship and solidarity, to nurture their strong aspiration to make a difference in the world, and to support each other as they face the challenges of balancing studies, work, and play, as well as finding a life-path in the world and choosing where and how to live.

We know that the spiritual friendships formed in Wake Up Sanghas will last a lifetime. As members train to join the Order of Interbeing and as they “age out” of Wake Up Sanghas, we have great trust that they will bring the fruits of their practice, new ideas, and vitality to the all-ages Sanghas. Together, we will all grow as a global Sangha family, keeping our practice fresh, relevant, and engaged to the challenges of our times.

For a listing of Sanghas for all ages and “family Sanghas” for practitioners with young children, please visit http://www.mindfulnessbell.org/directory.

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Updated: 16th October 2018