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Wake Up Sydney Retreat @ Australia

The annual Wake Up retreat with monastics will take place in Wisemans Ferry, NSW from Thursday, April 25 (from 3pm) to Sunday, April 28 (to 3pm) 2019.

Pilgrim’s Diary in India: Bodhgaya

By Tuong-Vi "There are four places, the sight of which will arouse strong emotions in those with faith. Here the Tathagatha was born. Here the...

A Plum Village Meditation Centre in Sydney

By Jay Larbalestier Recently, I had the privilege to spend some time at the new Plum Village affiliated meditation centre in Canoelands, New South Wales. The...

Wake Up Sydney Retreat: Walk With Us

You are invited to engage with the practice and feel energised and nourished by the support and encouragement of the collective group. You will have the opportunity to learn from monastics of the Plum Village tradition as we will have three monastics from Blue Cliff Monastery, New York, to guide us. We will learn to sit, walk, and eat in mindfulness. We will gain inspiration as to how we can bring clarity, peace and stillness into our daily lives.

Chocolate Meditation

Savoring Life’s Sweetness I love to eat, and it is fair to say that I am an advocate of good food. However, I never cared...

Wake Up Sydney Retreat

We are delighted to invite you to the second Wake Up Sydney Retreat, which will be held on Saturday 20th May to Sunday 21st May 2017. Our theme is Cultivating Love and Compassion. By first understanding our own minds and loving ourselves, we can begin to understand and love others. We will be meditating, walking, eating, sharing and working mindfully in the tradition of Plum Village.

“Your Presence and Practice is All That Truly Matters”

After moving to Australia from the United States, Adam Victorino shares about practicing with Wake Up Milpitas and Wake Up Sydney. How did you get...

Wake Up Sydney

For this month's Sangha of the month, we travel across the ocean and get to know one of the Wake Up Sanghas in Australia,...