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Caring for the Forest That Cares for Us

By Victoria Rosas Peribán The Forest of Interbeing is a cooperation between the international Wake Up movement (young people for a healthy and compassionate society)...

Mindfulness Beyond Borders

Eight of us walked across the bridge, exiting the border patrol, and emerging into the new streets, smells, sounds, language, and people of this...

Dance Flashmob in Tijuana, Mexico

Enjoy a video of several Wake Up ambassadors from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. doing a dance flashmob in the streets during the Wake Up...

Celebrating the Day of the Dead

by Wake Up Puebla (Ceo, Amai, Ana, Katie, Julian and Gwendolin) Dear friends, The Day of the Dead in the Mexican tradition is a time to...

Wake Up Movement in Mexico

Last month as Sangha of the Month, Rogelio Moreno shared with us what was happening in Wake Up Mexico City. In this part, read...

Wake Up Mexico City

This month as Sangha of the Month, we travel to Latin America and get to know Wake Up Mexico City! Find out how they got...