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by Theo (Danique’s father from Wake Up Groningen, the Netherlands) Around me is silence. Sounds of breathing and the smell of incense slowly disappear into the...

Smartphonelessness ~ A Tribute to Silence in a Turbulent World

By Leni Cellini The Wonder of Smartphones I have to admit: it can be extremely convenient. All those apps. Being able to read your emails anywhere....

Silence in your heart

By Leni Cellini A retreat with ‘music’ as its theme: I didn’t want to miss it for the world. It combined my two great passions:...

The Music We Are

Wake Up - The music we are – a Retreat for young people (age 16-35) March 20th-27th, 2013 - At the European Institute of Applied Buddhism,...

Resting Retreat in the EIAB

From 21 to 28 September 2012 This retreat aims at bringing back ease and flow in our body and mind, allowing a good flow of...

Eat mindfully and discover a new world!

TTT Sangha (Vietnamese Youth Sangha) would like to share with you their experience with mindful eating last summer in Plum Village...If you got the same experience,...