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Being Myself in a Challenging Learning Environment

By Jadzia Tedeschi Saturday, October 21, 2017 Today, we had an extraordinary half-day of classes. You know, to supplement our learning. 8:00 History: “Good morning! Let’s begin...

How Kids Can Be Happy in Education

By Gijs van den Broeck My Story This essay is the result of my own experience as a teacher. For little over a year, I taught...

The Treachery of Oblivion

After years of doubt and turmoil, months of examinations, and weeks of travel, I decided to leave home for boarding school. I left the...

Pupils Are Taught to Meditate to Boost Their Focus

PRIMARY pupils are being taught ancient techniques of meditation derived from Buddhism to help them concentrate. More than 400 pupils have already taken part in...

Return Again

A week in the UK with Thay Phap Nhan, Sr. Mai Nghiem, Sr. Ton Nhgiem and Phap Linh. We shared the practice with more...