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Bringing Music to Your Community

In a simple but beautiful way, music has the power to make us happy and to bring a smile to our lips. Expressing ourselves...

Community and Voice Therapy

Tere from Wake Up Manchester shares about her Sangha experiences and how the practice helps her write music and support others as a voice therapist. Q: What...

Refugee Trees

Refuge Tree is one of the earliest recordings from the Plum Village community recorded in the mid-2000s with songs in English and French...

“Before” Album Music

By Joe Holtaway I've been in love with songwriting for as long as I remember. Some chords, a melody and some words; a sharing from...

Transformation of My Singing Voice as Monastic

Q: Today’s the 4th of September 2018, and I’m sitting with Sister Chanh Niem in Lower. Thank you for being here. What was life like...

Plum Village “L-O-V-E” Music Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP3Th-5ALSs A music video called "L-O-VE" we shot with monastics and Wake Uppers all over the world right after last summer's Wake Up Earth retreat...


Mountains is a collections of songs from the many-fold Sangha in a variety of styles including "Joy," "I Love Nature," and "Peacefully Free." Featuring...

Home Is Closer Than You Think

Enjoy listening to Home Is Closer Than You Think, sung by Brian Kimmel from Wake Up Seattle, Washington, USA. https://youtu.be/Wycq8qmQVuA

Clap, Tap, Hum, Breathe

Mindful Songwriting with Children By Joe Reilly Where do songs and music come from? I ask this question to the many groups of children with whom...

The Music We Are

“It was quite incredible how much love there was in 6 days” Last year’s “The Music We Are” Wake Up retreat at the EIAB started...

Peace Sounds 2 Music

Dear Wake Uppers, In 2012 Wake Up London had an idea… could we put together a music album of songs performed by the Wake Up...

Waking Up in the Great Lakes

Waking Up in the Great Lakes This past fall a group of monastic and lay students of Thich Nhat Hanh offered mindfulness events in cities...

Being Ourselves is the Greatest Gift We Can Offer

On a sunny summer afternoon at Blue Cliff Monastery in New York, our Wake Up Correspondent there sat down with Nhu-Mai Nguyen, musician, meditator, massage...

Bringing the Message of Plum Village Through Music

An interview with Folk Singer and Wake Up Friend Joe Holtaway There are many ways to come to Plum Village. People from all walks of...

A Letter to Thay

Our sharing about the Wake Up Music Retreat in April in a letter to Thay: Plum Village, 7.6.2014 Dear Thay, Yesterday at the Dharma talk you said...