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Love Your Mother

To celebrate this year's Earth Day, Monastic Sister Hai An put together a slideshow called Love Your Mother. The song was recorded with practitioners from Blue Cliff...

Wake Up Japan Day of Mindfulness with the Monastics

On Saturday, 9 May 2015, monastics from different Plum Village practice centres and about 100 young people participated in a meditation flash mob on Harajuku...

36 Years

By Sister Hai An (Sister Ocean) 36 years 36 years was all you got 36 years to learn, to laugh, to work and to love 36 years was all...

Vivir Despiertos 2014: A Mindfulness Tour in Latin America

Enjoy following the tour of seven monastic brothers and sisters introducing Plum Village practices for the first time to thousands of people in...

Member of the Order of the Interbeing

An Interview with Stuart Watson What inspired you to become a member of the Order of Interbeing? After I'd been here two years, I was looking...

Tokyo Flash Mob Meditation

By Kanako Nishida Tokyo Flash Mob Meditation on 11 May 2014. It was a sunny day and around 40 participants came to sit on the bridge...

10 Days @ Thai Plum Village

By Will Chua Going as a River What brings a Vietnamese engineer, a Singaporean social worker and a Malaysian public servant, 20 years apart in age,...

Waking Up! April 2014 In Review

Here are some Wake Up events and retreats around the world that took place this month. EUROPE Wake Up Paris organised a Meditation Flash Mob in front...

From Plum Village to the Institute of Technology Tallaght

by Sister Bernadette Purcell As Chaplain in the College, I see the link between Contemplation, Meditation and Mindfulness.  Meditation and mindfulness are a core part...

Day of Mindfulness at the USC

Click here for more information and RSVP

Wake Up Retreat – The Music We Are

Click here to see a sample retreat day schedule and click here to register for the retreat. http://vimeo.com/90019881

1 year as a monk

July 4, 2012 – Independence Day, the day I became a monk – is now one year ago. What is a monk? Why become...

The Seedling Project

by Members of the European Wake Up Sangha Thay believed that Buddhism had much to contribute to real social change. He said he would find...

5-Year Monastic Programme Description

Step Into Freedom and Taste True Happiness 5 YEAR MONASTIC TRAINING AND SERVICE PROGRAM Description: When we train as a monastic we have the opportunity to find...

Wake Up UK Tour 2011