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Wake Up Retreat: Deep Insight, Deep Ecology

During this retreat, we will come together to enjoy the conditions for happiness which are available in the present moment and learn how to take care of our inner and outer environment. Through mindful breathing, walking, eating, smiling, playing, and cultivating brotherhood and sisterhood, we will discover ways to establish an intimate conversation with Mother Earth and apply the insight of Interbeing into our own daily lives.

The world we Plant – A Wake Up Retreat on Permaculture...

The world we plant watch the video! :) A Permaculture and Right Livelihood Wake Up Retreat for young people 26th April - 24th May 2014 a 4 week...

This Is A Happy Day!

Dearest Wake Up Family, this morning we would like to share our immense happiness with all of you: Our aspiration to organize a Wake Up...

Wake Up Autumn Retreat – The World We Are

  WAKE UP RETREAT ON DEEP ECOLOGY EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF APPLIED BUDDHISM WALDBRÖL, GERMANY 23-30 SEPTEMBER 2011   "People sometimes ask me how our species can reconcile with planet...